Meet Pavo

I have a new visitor, a recent immigrant who is now living the American Dream. He calls it “Livin’ Large and Lovin’ It”, which means he believes that living on the edge is the way to go. His nickname is Pavo.

Though he has a pretty good grip on the American scene the language sometimes gives him fits as he stumbles over nuances or gets tripped by homonyms.  Despite all this, it is interesting to see how we appear through the eyes of a new, unadulterated American.  Because he tells me about his past mostly without embellishment I’ve decided to start chronicling his stories serially and sharing them as they occur, much the way the Saturday Matinees at the movies once presented the perils of Pauline.

To share his experiences I’ve created a this blog where his views will be revealed and where readers will be free to comment as long as they stay on subject, keep it clean and avoid insulting other bloggers.  Those are his rules and in the interests of peace and harmony I’ve agreed to them so transgressors will be banished.  If I’m lucky I should be able to post a couple serials every month.

Posters should feel free to contribute any thoughts or opinions that would flesh out or extend Pavo’s stories.  If possible, I would like to add posted comments to each chapter and take advantage of the opportunity to answer the poster directly.  The object is not to have endless run on comments but to select a few postings that are most relevant to the story.

Examples of such exchanges can be seen in the responses to the chapters labeled Origin and Competition.


About D. B. Guy

ex-traveler, ex-Navy vet, ex-depression baby, long time retiree, current lounge chair occupant, husband, grandfather, computer novice-junkie, man-about-town(ret.), jolly good fellow
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One Response to Meet Pavo

  1. D. B. Guy says:

    This an experiment. It was brought to mind by an article published many years ago about an airplane filled with college professors. It seems that the pilot became unconscious and the professors formed a committee that flew the plane safely to its destination.

    This blog is intended to offer a similar experience. In this case, can a group of unconnected writers take the thread of a story and keep it going by adopting the essences or identities of some of the characters and adding short comments to extend and expand the story? We shall see.

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